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InstaFTs (short for Instagram NFTs) is a web app the team at Ramper built during a Hackathon. Using InstaFTs — creators can turn their most liked Instagram posts into NFTs that can be purchased with credit cards.

Our motivation was to explore ways to simplify NFT tooling for creators.

Currently creating NFTs is limited to users with professional IG accounts.

Creator FAQs

What am I creating?

You are creating a unique NFT storefront made up of your Instagram posts. Your community can view & purchase your NFTs seamlessly.

Am I eligible?

You must have a professional IG account (business or creator account) to create a NFT storefront using InstaFTs.

Can I choose which posts to turn into NFTs?

We automatically select your nine most liked posts. In the case of a carousel post, we select the first photo. We skip video posts.

Can I set the purchase price?


Can I edit my NFTs after they’ve been created?

No. NFTs cannot be modified after creation.

How does the NFT storefront look like?

You can explore storefronts created by other creators here. You can edit the description and header of your NFT storefront anytime.

Who can purchase my NFTs?


What blockchain are you using?


How do others purchase my NFTs?

They can use a debit/credit card, or mint using MATIC (cryptocurrency on Polygon).

How do I get paid?

  1. When one of your nine NFTs get bought — you receive MATIC
  2. You also receive 10% royalty on all perpetual resales made by others

Where do I receive my payment?

When you signup, a crypto wallet gets created for you. You can access your wallet anytime by logging into InstaFTs or by visiting, and logging in using the same email.

How do I access my crypto wallet?

Log into InstaFTs. Go to your NFT storefront. Click “My wallet” on the top left. Alternatively you can visit your wallet by visiting You will have to make sure the wallet’s network is set to Matic.

Can I transfer my MATIC to a different crypto wallet or exchange?


How do I convert MATIC into dollars?

You can use popular exchanges like Coinbase, FTX, and Robinhood to convert MATIC into fiat.

Purchaser FAQs

What am I purchasing?

You are purchasing 1 of 1 NFTs representing a creator’s Instagram post.

How do I purchase an NFT?

You can browse existing NFT storefronts here. You have the option of paying with MATIC (a cryptocurrency) using your own crypto wallet, or using a debit/credit card.

Where do I receive my purchased NFT?

Your NFT will be transferred to your crypto wallet.

What if I don’t have a crypto wallet?

When you checkout without your own crypto wallet, a new wallet gets created for you. You can access your wallet anytime through InstaFTs or by visiting, and logging in using the same email.

You will need to change the wallet network to “Matic” and switch the wallet view from “COIN” to “NFT” to view your NFTs.

How much is each NFT?

The price is set by the creators in MATIC. When you choose the option of purchasing with your debit/credit card, your price will be calculated in US dollars.

How do I transfer/sell my NFTs?

Once purchased — you have full ownership of your NFT. You may sell it in an open marketplace like OpenSea, or transfer to a different wallet anytime. Please note that in the case of a resale, there is a 10% royalty that automatically goes back to the original creator.

What if I don’t receive my NFTs?

It may take a few minutes for the NFTs to be transferred to your wallet. In the case that you have a problem — you can always reach out to us via (or by replying to your purchase confirmation email). In the case that your NFTs are not transferred, we will fully refund you.

NFT Basics

Why NFTs?

A non-fungible token is a unique digital asset with scarcity. Utilizing blockchain technology, creators can monetize their content, and receive royalty on all future resales of their content. Fans own a piece of the creator’s content forever. NFT collection can also be further utilized to create community membership, perks, voting rights, etc.

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